We have recognised that there is a need for regular maintenance and many existing and new clients are now benefiting from an annual visit to keep their court in optimum condition.

Reasons for Regular Maintenance:

  • Life Expectancy of Your Tennis Court. As you will be aware regular maintenance will mean that you can delay resurfacing your tennis court. Pollutants such as algae and moss build up over time and can destroy the underlying surface.
  • Safety of Your Court. Maintenance will keep dirt, debris and moss from taking a hold on the court surface, therefore preventing the court from becoming unnecessarily slippery and dangerous.
  • Playing Characteristics. Regular maintenance will ensure a good grip underfoot and a more consistent ball bounce. Tennis balls stay cleaner as the court will not be dirty and the court lines will be more visible.

At Penn Court Cleaning we are all team players for our club and look on a tennis court as a thing of beauty. Nothing gives us more pleasure then getting your court looking at its best.

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Ball on racket

Many tennis courts are falling victim to climate change. The winters are becoming so mild that moss and other infestations continue to grow even through the winter months. Courts become slippery and dangerous. Tennis  players become unsure under foot when damp.

Some court owners tend not to notice the gradual deterioration of the court at first and leave any maintenance work until it has become more severe. This can be detrimental to the court surface and can lead to premature replacement.